Finished the newfie mittens

Hot off the needles. I have seen many posts for a similar pattern, but this is the seemingly fail-proof pattern I’ve used time and time again. It’s written very well that as long as you can knit, purl, increase knitwise and purlwise, decrease knitwise and purlwise, weave in ends and work with four double ended needles, you can do this project too!

Here is the photo. They will be shipped to New Brunswick early in the week for a friend who has helped me a lot this past year in my work life.

She is going to be excited when my “delay in making those mittens” is actually not a delay at all! I love surprises.

Circular needles and the twist!!

So, I was so excited. I found an easy sweater to try and somewhere along the line, I must have twisted my work on the circular needles. I ended up frogging the entire project and it has left me very sad. I was sure I held the needles the same way for the entire time, but I suppose between times of rest and knit, I must have twisted my work.

Please comment on a fix for the sort of knitting problem. Thank you.

Puppy training – Graduation Day!

Today, our 6 month old Golden Retriever x American Foxhound graduated from Course 1 of her puppy training classes. She received a certificate and a graduation present of treats and a brand new tennis ball! What a spoiled baby girl?!? She has totally impressed us all about what a smart cookie she is. Way to go!!

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She is my daily motivation to get up and go! Walking her has made all the difference in my evenings. We started out with a 15-20 min walk , and on cold days we still only go for that long) but we are up to an hour now.

We start Course 2 next week. Stay tuned for more progress! 🙂

Did you take your puppy to training?

Hey Guys!!!!!


I’m a new writer on this blog! I’m MLPonylover77 and I’m hoping you love my work in this crazy adventure called life.

I love My Little Pony, if you couldn’t tell by my name.  I also love a lot of other things like… ya, I don’t want to name all of that.  But you will learn a lot more in my next blog posts.

That’s pretty much it for now. See you in my next post.



Handmade gifts vs. Store bought gifts

Have you ever made something for someone that was handmade and you can just tell that they did not appreciate your time/effort/craft/art and maybe they were even bold enough to say, “Ok, that’s nice, but where is my real gift?”

I have.  It hurts.  I truly believe that those who do not appreciate your work, ultimately, do not deserve your work.

The difficulty remains that those who do not craft nor produce artwork, cannot understand the thought/time/materials/effort/money that goes into each and every project.

Crafters unite.  Let us be heard!

When an artist selects the materials needed to make the artwork, they usually have the person in mind from inception of the project.   Everything from the pattern, materials required, colour pallet and size of project all take on a valuable role in the end product. The appreciation of the time it takes to sift through patterns, trial and error of perhaps a new stitch, that may include frogging the project many, many times, to getting the proper sizing and colours that work well together, is severely lacking.

Store-bought gift giving seems to be more socially acceptable as fads and trends fuel the present marketplace.  Those who buy things at a store (in person or virtual) may have a false sense of guarantee that there will be a happy gift receiver as it may be the newest or best thing on the market.

I believe that a unique gift that is produced particularly for the individual with love in your heart is the way to go.  It does involve much more effort than perhaps a click, click, click.  It’s unique and personalized.  They have stores at the local mall that are all about personalizing items by engraving names, sayings, etc.  What’s the main difference?  Perception.

When I think about all of the projects that I completed for people who are crafters or have seen what it takes to make something by hand, it makes it all worth while.

The one thing that I would like to highlight for all of those who are not crafters is that there is often a significant gap between what the project costs, including all of the materials and a decent wage/hour, and the price a potential buyer is willing to pay for often a priceless one-of-a-kind product.

I propose that an invoice should be provided with each handmade gift itemizing:

  • cost of materials
  • time spent on choosing pattern
  • element of difficulty (rated by a beginner/intermediate/expert level grading system with an appropriate “tax” for each, increasing exponentially with each increase in difficulty)
  • actual time spent on project billed at a wage of at least current minimum wage

Perhaps this could make a difference, one project at a time.  Who’s with me???

Let us all remember that handmade items do not need to be “perfect” and very often are far from it.  Stand out.  Make a statement.  Make others jealous that they are not as fortunate having the talent to make such art.

In conclusion, the gift giver is in the power seat.  The gift receiver needs to remember that the giver did not have to give the receiver a damn thing.

We should all remember to:

  • Respect the giver for making the choice
  • Recognize the difference between made-with-love and mass produced
  • Be happy with all that you have

Please comment with your experiences with gift giving.





More knitted/crocheted projects

I was looking for more photos from projects past and here are some….

I started to make a backpack to commemorate Canada’s 150th birthday! So, it was a little late, but I still have to make the liner and the straps.

What is your go-to pattern when you are looking for a new project to start?

Please comment on my post with a link to the pattern if possible. Thank you for reading my post!

Suggestions for camping in 2018 for families

We go camping every year with our family in our tent trailer.

We are looking for some new places to discover and make memories. The last few years we have visited:

Algonquin Provincial Park – Canisby Lake

KOA – Cardinal, Ontario

Morin Heights in Quebec

Westley Clover Park in Ottawa, Ontario

We are looking for a destination in Ontario and Eastern Provinces for our camping trip 2018. A week of fun in the sun, pool, by the campfire but without the foolish drunks that ruin the relaxing atmosphere we yearn for all year long.

If you have any good camping destinations for families in Canada, please post in comments…links are also appreciated.